BIOGRÜNDL, S.L. is a society located in Barcelona. Its activity is R+D in the active and auxiliary’s materials field which are really news for the Dermatology and Cosmetology.

Although BIOGRÜNDL, S.L. is a new creation society, its staff has a large technique and commercial experience.

BIOGRÜNDL, S.L. is filling the existing space in the cosmetic and dermatologic active material’s sector. This sector is basically formed by big societies, which dedicate their efforts to commercialise a variety of products contained in differents chemicals factory’s fields. In contrast to this concept, BIOGRÜNDL, S.L. touch upon a cosmetologic, dermatologic and perfumery’s materials. Its market’s strategy is based as following:

  • A quick answer in the customer’s necessities with a personal treatment.
  • Contribution in new formulations concepts to satisfy the cosmetic’s requirements.
  • A big range of active and auxiliary’s materials very especializated, in which we emphasise:
    • Frutal and herbal floral waters.
    • Anticellulitic actives
    • Anti-ageing
    • Mediterranean Actives
    • Vegetal actives
    • Conservants
    • Cosmetic specialities
    • Capillary treatments
    • Last Tendencies in Cosmetics.
  • Consultant’s office in reference to sanitary registers, marketing directives, as well as text’s manufactures and technical – commercials brochures.

BIOGRÜNDL, S.L. has an innovated equipment in its installation, and a very well qualified staff which give its best in the technical-commercial strategy of the company.

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